Evolution is the sound of the Universe, the concept of philosophy evolved with that sound. Evolution is the natural law of the cosmos. Before man can even have the ability to comprehend or even have a little understanding of the cosmos, the mind of mankind has to evolve. We today have now acquired Artificial Intelligence, the very essence of the modern mind. As human beings, we are standing in very grave line that allows us to choose whether to evolve even more to higher states of being or do we descend and amplify the essence of our barbaric nature.  

Philosophy does not have the answers, but philosophy hold many clues to help us evolve. A mind that wonders or questions existence itself, is the foundation of a philosophers mind. The father of Philosophy “Socrates”, was not known for what he knew. He is remembered and respected because of the method he introduced, which is the seed of Philosophy. The Socratic Method, has been used by many philosophers after him. That created the building blocks of what philosophy is today. There must also be an awareness that philosophers, have always lived in any generation of mankind. 

Wisdom is the holy grail of Philosophy, the love for Wisdom is a trait of a true philosopher. The curious mind of a Philosopher, questions existence and the morality of mankind. By questioning life we strive to realize the purpose of life and the purpose of our own life. When we don’t give time to ponder on it, we  distinguish the purpose of life as unimportant. Though the true or logical approach towards the purpose of life, is that its very important part for every living species. Without a sense of purpose, there is no sense of direction. Without sense of direction, there is no confidence about life. A flower blooms to its fullest potential, not because it can but because that is a part of its purpose.  

When the purpose of life is clear, there will be confidence, from confidence there will be calmness and that calmness strengthens our sense of awareness. Without awareness, we will walk like filled with doubts and worst of all ignorance. Awareness is the antidote to everything created by infectious ignorance. The eternal essence of awareness is Wisdom. Wisdom is a holy treasure but like many true eternal treasures, it cannot be bought with any form of material wealth. It can only be attained or received through rigorous aspiration of the spirit.  

I am a millennial, living a modern life. Though mostly all the choices I make in my life is directed by the aspiration of my spirit. It is our modern world, that gave birth to our modern mind. The modern mind is amazing and frankly a great work of science, but it is futile or even self-destructive if it doesn’t function without the touch of spirit. Our task as human is to find balance with the spirit and technology, to make the most of both side of our world.  

Everyone is born with the dwelling feeling of curiosity, being curious is a natural feeling humans will always have. Regardless of age, race or geographical location. The only thing that differ from each and one of us is what we are individually curious about. We are free to do what we please with our curious mind, we are free to pursue it and learn something new and we are also free to disregard it and abandon the energy current of our curious mind. A mind though who have stopped being curious, is a mind no longer learning something new. The mind will then stop evolving. A philosopher is a self-educator and it’s their curious mind that fuels that education. Self-education is not about just reading books, it also greatly values experiences. As experiences are the best teachers of life.  

Man’s endless question and quest for answers helps fuel the evolution of man. It is ridiculous for human to stop being curious, to stop evolving just because the greatest modern mind (Artificial Intelligence) has come into existence. The greatest crime is to resistance against evolution, it will be a great shame. 

To evolve is to aspire to higher states of mind our “Universal Cosmic Mind”. That is why I have painted this series, as a reminder that I as a philosopher is keenly being inspired to keep my eyes above the horizon and beyond the Cosmos. As a citizen of the Cosmos, it is our duty to serve law of evolution.  

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