This by far is one of the books I read this year that did not only made my heart pounce a beat, but it certainly help me look into the human psyche much more deeper.

For a philosopher this book is gold, as Jonathan Black does not only narrate in a way that is gravely comprehend-able, but it will allow you to dance your human spirit back in time. A type of dance that amazing historian writers can only perform.

It took me a week reading this and every time I finished reading a chapter or a few, I world stop as there is great depth in each chapter. I would take a break and simply reflect, replay the story in my mind, teach myself how to calmly breath again and definitely take grace as I move from one part of my room to the other.

Jonathan Black, links up one culture to another in such a smooth weaving like texture that the connection is vivid and surreal. What makes it even more surreal is that it occurred in men and woman just like us. Though they are myths, stories reflect truths that can change a person somehow or fully.

My bloods passion for multiculturalism has definitely evolved even more, as I read this book. It reminds us the hidden and unseen truth that lurks around us, as it did for all the people of the past. How our ancestors have shared more than that we can imagine, and how that created the world we know today.

The stories are not only sacred but it will definitely tempt you to navigate your eyes and look at the world spiritually. Our spiritual eyes as I believe, is a component that links us the nature reality. I believe that this link, should come naturally. But more and more it is feels like a myth as especially in these modern times.

I recommend this book to people who are on a break from their daily routine, it’s a books best cherished in times of solitude and isolation. I tried to start reading this book while I was employed but I could not focus on its treasures, as I was always on the go. I reopened it again during my 40 days hibernation and deep mediation cleans period. It was easier to read and relate to, as my mind was more clear and free from crunch work stress.

Lastly, this book is is highly recommended to modern mystics like myself. It will not only enriched your knowledge, but it will certainly inspire you and add more creative juice to your creative labor.

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