About Me

You can be many things and anything in this world, but there is only one path to  become who you really are.

I’m a multicultural Filipina, raised in Thailand. I’m a philosopher, mystic, student of Tantra, writer, poet, and painter.

I’m a Philosopher not because I know the answer to the questions of life, I’m a philosopher because I learn to ask better questions.

As a Mystic I do not divide what is good or bad. Instead I teach myself how to look beyond the great balance and look within for the significance of all that is.

It’s in my devotion as a student of Tantra that allows me to understand the language of Gods and their characters.

It wasn’t the act of writing that lead me to becoming a writing. It was the essence of a writer’s life I wanted to soak my life in. A life soaked in consistent observation, realizations and creation.



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