As a spiritual meditation student, I have come to always have this belief that I am looking internally because I am looking for my true connection to the eternal. These beliefs help me cope with the deep and treacherous wounds that the external world constantly emits. Its the beauty of this world that will bloom eternally, maybe only because only the most beautiful souls are deserving of eternal life of spring. Who else is deserving of eternal youth?

This may not sound rational, but if we truly accept eternal infinity, we may actually know how to use our present perishable time better, if not wiser. This world daunts each and one of us of our limitations with the count of time. It’s against the laws of nature to consume time, for time is not meant to be spent but experienced. I am a millennial and I praise the capabilities of technology, it isn’t and will never be a curse but it is a responsibility the deserves more sense of affection. Without affection of any creation, it only causes distraction to consume more.

I guess what haunts so many of our subconscious minds, is that the external world have evolved in great heights but our internal world have hardly even picked up the hammer and chisel. It a shame, we deny in our conscious mind.

The evolution and rapid advancement of the external world is done through a series of methods, this method though is irrelevant when it comes to attending to our internal world. Because the internal world works differently, it is not a jurisdiction that can change with construction of matter. Its a temple, we actually have to learn to serve with devotion.

Through many studies of spirituality, there goes visions and theories that man is a microcosm to the macrocosm world it finds itself. As I currently strive to internally experience my eternal forever more, I also face countless ropes of nevermore that takes blood and pain to cutoff.

Detachment is the way of forever and attachment is the way of the opposite road of evolution. We will only encounter suffering if we remain stagnant within and we will always only grow when we serve the laws of nature. Cause the laws of nature will remain even when were long gone, it will eternally exist forever more.

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