In about eight days my birthday is to come. I will be 28 years old, who will be phasing herself towards a life that ages gracefully and living to serve. Take less than you give or give more than you take is the lullaby of the spirit the sings within me. I have been fortunate to always have a chance to live comfortably. Along with that, I have come to accept that I have been given a great eye of imagination for all the time I have lived. No doubt that such sights an eye can make is but a blessing, but as the world daunts without the works of the heart, my eyes are but just cursed out. Gifted but cursed, a typical classic truth of many protagonist we read about.

I dream of a world, where all citizens will be welcomed with respect and honor. Nourishing food served to travelers who aim for high places. More love in the high seats of learning and artists create communities to share their ideas, manifestations and music. Yes that world I dream of resembles heaven, but here I am on earth breathing and dreaming to help create that world.

The movie “Heaven & Earth” (1993), is a movie I watched a few times in the course of the last two decades. Like a good book, this movie is a visual tale that makes my eyes draw closer to the truth. Give thanks to the values of the unspoken tales of life, love and death that runs through my veins. Water remembers but blood always perish back to the veins of the Earth’s river beds.   

I shall not be dominated, to be unable to express my art, is a motto an artist needs to live by on desperate times.  But everyday, I have more means and more tools than countless of artists around the world, especially all the young children robbed away. The harder it is to create comfortably, though inspirations are always available to keep going.

Martyrs can be shut down, erased and even stripped out of their resources to create. To be an artist is to carry and glorify the meaning of freedom and to serve it by following the laws of nature. To conform is to be dominated by a consumers mind rather than a man whose free will is intact and awake.

The seed of creation is the foundation of all creators, the roots that connects all creation. The foundation that will help man to move forward is to choose to create, rather than consume. Create with the laws of the heart/nature and not by the sinners of greed.

On each day I wake and embark myself for self-exploration, it is an aim not to feel the pleasure of walking on the bridge of bliss. It’s a step I take towards finding a way to help the evolution of mankind. Not because I want to be a hero, but because I want to be able to say to my maker that I aimed to take less and strived to give more. The bridge to heaven is not made of metals or ropes, it is made by every hand that gave its other hand to help another.  

This birthday of mine that fast approaches, will not be celebrated with wishlists but with a great inner reflection. On how much I take and what more can I do to give more.  

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