As a meditation and spiritual student, there has always been two main things my guides and masters constantly remind me. To be aware of the present moment and to constantly remind myself that death is a living experience not a philosophy to ponder on . These two main things are actually sides of the same coin. As tormenting it is to accept, our moment of death is but only one present moment in time.

To make the fact even more evident, imagine yourself in a studio where there is a teacher who will guide you through a meditation session. The teacher then asks you to watch your breath, but the praise “Watch Your Breath” has come so repetitive that it bores you. The phrase no longer carries it weights, therefore bores you and you simply want the meditation session to move forward to some more enchanting phase. But it wont as the teacher will be talking about your breath for a longer moment, so instead you allow your mind to fly to different thoughts until the teacher speak of the phase you want. Like now feel the chakras of your body, feel the energy within you, enhance your aura, etc. We modern citizens are always after the prime and cherry of things, we hardly truly pay attention to the basic simple things of life.

Now, take yourself out of the studio and imagine yourself on your deathbed. On this bed, you have come to realize that your breath will end in any moment. On this bed, you are to give your last wishes and will to the people who surround you. And on this bed, you contemplate on all the breaths you have taken and wishing that you could have some more.

These two scenarios I have asked you to imagine are very different, one felt like a better situation than the other. Though in these two scenarios there is only one antidote, one remedy and one best way to experience it. That is gratitude.

Gratitude, though overused in modern way of living is also highly underrated by most people. Its difficult to be grateful when there is so many aspiration that troubles a modern mind. Material consumption is our remedy for the eternal happiness we can hardly have a hold of. This addiction to material consumption and perishable pleasures has programmed our minds to automatically think that without receiving or taking, it is hard to be grateful for life. Clearly those whose heart are open and understand the value of life, knows that gratitude is a sense of being that is available anytime and anywhere.

Life is a breath, as long as we breath there is a way to change our lives for the better. A chance to give more than we take and create better memories for heart to cherish, till our time here is done. An individual, that serves and give selflessly is person who sense of gratitude overflows.

Death is a living experience, but chances are moving from one world to the other is as simple as walking from one room to another. Death is upon each and everyone and that should be reminder to use our time wisely and in the best way were capable of.

Gratitude is the enhancer of life and remedy for the time of death. It is always easy to trouble whose heart is angry, but to trouble whose heart is grateful only creates hell to himself.

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