Life one day sent me a letter, it was an invitation for a date – a Date with Destiny . Like every date I have gone to, I dressed myself to impress and even added a little flair of seduction. This is Destiny I thought, so I might as well look in my best.

The carriage arrived right on time. The Chauffeur wore a fine penguin tuxedo. It was an elegant and graceful introduction to what Destiny could be. Everything was mysterious, but one thing that is for sure, it started on the right note.

It was a splendid ride to the destination, though there were a few uncomfortable bumps  by the side roads we passed and the rain did pass. Though it ended right before I arrived, which seemed rather auspicious.

When I arrived, I found myself in front of a porch with the most peculiar precious little garden I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It was unforgettable.

I walked the path and every step felt a sense of belonging. How could someone feel a sense of belonging to a space that one has never been to, I thought.

Hidden between the lushed garden was a hidden door, was a thick dark wood door with a rusted brass door handle. I knocked on the door and within short seconds the door swung open.

The breeze that came from the inside, was infused with the most elegant and humble aromas I’ve ever smelt. Just like the walk path, the scent of this space I’ve found myself in felt truly welcoming. The warmth of the light from the lamps was tender and gracefully lit up the whole place.

When I walked in, I met destiny.  Within her was the decorations of my dreams accomplished, my sweetest reasons of living aired the house and my wounds healed through the cracks of the wall. Beautiful even with it’s imperfections I thought.

Destiny and I began to converse as I walked through the hallways and small spaces within the house. Destiny did not show up as the man of my dreams, she ended up being a garden within my soul. As I looked through her eyes I saw not my desires or ambitions, I saw the twilight of the universe and I live in it.

The closer I looked right at her, the more she would sometimes laugh and even flirt with the sight of her existence.

Was I in a dream or what I lost within a dream? it didn’t matter, it felt good.

The more I conversed with destiny, while we indulge with a few sweet treats of joy by the coffee table. The more she made me feel that destiny is not something to reach out for, its a way of being. She laughed at some point and jazzfully sang “Ohh how beautiful that truly feels – to be destined for something”.

As the date commenced, I was on my last drink, the drink for the road back. We have already tackled deeply exchange multiple thoughts of logic and reasons, of what makes up a destined life.

It was deep, adventurous, melancholic and worth living for, that destined kind of life. One thing I know for sure, living without destiny is a constant act of burrying your true reason for living. It’s definitely just isn’t fun.

When I asked her what am I destined for? She burst into little laughs, as if what I said is funny and the the kind babies could giggle to and then she declared “Oh you! Don’t you know what happens to curious minds? start there and enjoy finding out and just dont ever leave enthusiasm out of the door when you do so.

As my last drink, that drink for the road back was finished it was time to call it a night and walk out the same way I walked in.

As we were saying our goodbyes by the front door, I looked at her and asked when the next time I could see her again. She smiled and said “the next time we meet, you will just be looking at the mirror”. At that moment, something definitely changed within me and I knew nothing something inside me will never be the same again. This change I feel had three factors erupting inside me, and that is that something dissapeared, something got destroyed and lastly something developed through growth.

I knew destiny had to go as she definitely have a long list of people like me to date and delight. People destined to live a destined life, how wonderful that sounds even when it seems impossible in the reality we live in. People constantly disconnected to nature, to who they are. How can I blame them though, its hard and I struggle myself. I struggle reminding myself and I struggle with the discontent everyone feels, and I am just like everyone else.

On the way back, my mind became my reality and reality became a cerebral expression of the life I live.

When I got home safely, the chauffeur gave me a letter. It was a tip from Destiny “To serve your destiny, you must show devotion and you do that by delivering it.”

Photo by Lon Christensen on Unsplash

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