Knowing yourself, is knowing all that you are attached to and what you are not. Though self-liberation can only be experienced in learning how to cut cords from attachments. 

Our soul is a drop in the ocean and at the same time the essence of who we are is an ocean in a drop. 

Learning and knowing the self, takes a leap of faith. The only belief that matters and can be brought, when we take the chance to know who we really are, is the belief we have on ourselves. The beliefs passed to us by others the world, is irrelevant in such ventures. Surrendering these beliefs is the price to take the jump, the venture to the self. 

These passed on beliefs comes from many different sources, from our parents, from the society and even our ancestors. The ultimate reason why we need to let them go, is because most of the time these beliefs are conditionings to hold ourselves back from who we really are. Beliefs that seizes to control and hinder us away from our own true potential, our own freedom. 

The letting go of the conditionings is painful and scary, because when we take the chance to know who we are, there is nothing to hold on to.

When I took the jump, I dropped into the ocean of my own being and because I did not know who I am, I ended up drowning in my own mystery. 

It’s amazing to discover who we are but its also a very dangerous pursuit. In such journeys, there is no support system, nothing to hang onto and that is the only way to honestly begin. To know nothing and to be certain of nothing. 

When you jump within the ocean of yourself, the fall will be heavy and will feel endless and somehow it has the right to, because you are falling in the essence of you that is eternal, your soul that is your own greatest mystery.

I and many who venture in such journey, remembers the struggle of the drowning. Though that isn’t what was difficult, because what made it unbearable is that you realize that you cannot swim in your very own current. That is why its a dangerous pursuit, because there is no certainty you will make it out. You can either keep drowing and figure it out or pull the plug and take the easier route, the route of ignorance. Ignore the path and ignore that it even exists. 

I remember this experience of drowning and I also remember what saved me. It went like this, as I fall deeper in the unknown shores of myself, I tried to resist and the more I did, the more it was unbearable. What helped me ease the pain of my own unknowing, was a simple thought of wonder. I wondered if this ocean exist, then sooner or later there should be an impact, a collation to the core of who I am. And that was when I unlocked and discovered the core, the core of my will. When I discovered that this core of mine is entirely within me, I opened its chambers and that is when I stopped drowning and began to swim. 

Discovering the core of my will, set me free! Its the very essence of eternal freedom and when this freedom is embodied, all fears and doubts fade away. That is the power of the core of will, it doesn’t only set you free so that you can live, it evaporates all the fears and doubts that drowns so you can truly live.

The ocean within you is an ocean within all of us, but what differs us from others is how aware and activated is the core of our will. It’s not about the ocean within you, its how you swim in it. 

People who have activated the core of their will, are people who know what they want, what they need to do and have this undeniable sense of wonder with life itself. Many of those whose core of will is activated, become internally unbreakable. Yes! Internally unbreakable, because they are free from the world and the limitations the world feed us with. People who are internally free, creates this resilience within themselves that is motivated by whats internally divine and such resilience cannot easily be bribed by shameless desires and futile lust . 

Internal freedom and realized core, give births to people who are content with who they are and accepts the world as it is. Though what will challenge people with such unmovable trait is connecting with others, because when you are connected to yourself it is difficult to connect with people who are disconnected with themselves. The world is made up of countless of people disconnected from themselves and their core. That is why mostly many people who venture into themselves find refuge in isolation and rest in their own company. It takes  a lot of patience and energy to connect with disconnected people. 

When you are constantly internally free, the skill that one learns easily is the ability to detach. The beauty in detachment is that you begin to walk and live with sense of liteness, because attachments is a burden and weights the mind and self. 

When you are internally free, you value the connection and relationships in your life more. You make sure that you are not in a bond that pulls you down, and you don’t find yourself attracted to anyone unless the bond creates an opportunity to elevate each other. Though there is always compassion. Compassion is the bridge between those who knows and doesn’t know, its the way of the wise. To simply be compassionate to those who have not yet discovered themselves, and understand that everyone learns differently and on their own accord. It is foolish to force anyone, simply because they don’t know, its foolish because its not natural. And the only way to the self is the natural way.  

Truth is, sometimes I feel that igniting my own core of will is what paved the way to better relationships, better ways to connect. Because there surely something beautiful about people who are internally free and willing to be together. 

Unlocking the core of our will, is but just the beginning. To keep it strong, polished and authentic comes with constant awareness of its existence, and the worlds is filled with distractions and easier routes. May you unlock your core of will and inspire others to unlock theirs, the world will be a better place with people who are willing to be who they really are, cause the world belongs to those who knows the value of freedom and those who are willing to fight for it. 






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