The language of the feminine womb, can only be translated to those who values the blood of their ancestors.  

Spiritually, the menstrual cycle of the feminine is one of greatest connection to the source that can powerfully heal a woman’s psyche, overall health and way of being.

Through the journey towards your internal authentic world, you will not only be taught to learn about the vibrations your organs emit, you will also be forced to learn how it biological system works.

All our organ at first sight, can be perceived as basic biology. But if it is looked through inwardly it is much more intricate. As difficult to decipher the external reality we witness.

Our body is our temple, to keep it safe, clean and use it in its best potential starts in learning to getting to know it. Meditation allows this possibility, to travel to each of its senses and when done well it sprouts internal awareness. The more the internal awareness is polished the more it easier to tame, comprehend and be aware of the external world around us. The internal world is always relative to the external world, it all the depends on the quality of the eyes that perceives it.

The only way to get to know our internal self is to look within, there are no shortcuts. If you don’t know how your own home (body) works , how it looks internally and what sound it bears. How can you expect to know how to fully live in your own body (home), if you cant comprehend your own internal comprehension, do yourself a favor and accept that you may not know how to in this world(our home). But if you do some internal digging you might learn.

Defining our body us some kind of random biological factory, is missing the sight of it’s amazement and untapped internal potential (will). The blood that streams through the cords of your veins, believe it or not resonates with the vibration of your personality, character and streams of thoughts it constantly undergoes.

“Mind over matter”, are three simple words but if you read in between those three words using the eyes that you use to look internally, you will discover that in between these three words are infinite numbers of words. These words are the biological language of your body.

Don’t worry! I am not here to bore you with all those words. I am here to speak of the feminines womb. This subject I will be elaborating is not only useful for females, it is also treasured knowledge for men. Males who respect the feminine energy will find it necessary or useful.

How can a man, respect or make love to a woman in the most beautiful or profound way if he doesn’t know the value and the respect a woman’s womb deserves. Trust me, males who know how to make love well, would have a slight idea on the preciousness of a woman’s womb. But then again, a woman cannot deserve a love like that from a man if she doesn’t know how to care, respect and value her own womb. Its all relative to how we connect with each other.

If you dont understand the value of the womb, start with the fact that you are created and came from one.

Through the ages, the woman’s womb have been degraded. It has been raped, used, and corrupted. All for the pursuit of temporary pleasure, desire, lust, power and worst of all deception.

Today, there are revelation on these past treatments that the subject of the womb is making its way to be a subject of scandal and controversy. The angry beacon of mother nature has been lit, and now that it has been done, she will make it known and demand for females womb to be respected and valued.

The rise of the demand of respect the womb deserves, is not only externally emitting in our world today it is also simply just the beginning.

Citizens of many nations today, is demanding for the rights of protection every females womb deserves. These are demands made by our own mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. Females must be able to carry their womb confidently and roam the world without fear that it could be raped, harmed and corrupted. For when a woman’s womb is degraded, this affects not only her psyche but her life overall and at worst that fear can be multiplied and passed on to her own children. If not passed on to other children, she will be a toxic influence or devouring to everyone she connects with.

Rape and the overwhelming growth of sex slavery is on the rise in the world today, as fast as the numbers of our population multiplies.

But I must say, on the other side of the spectrum of our reality, we have woman who are free and privileged to live a secure life but dis-values her own womb. As the world is evolving and creating a platform for more freedom for females, there are females who also take advantage of this freedom and use the power of their womb for the worst kinds of reasons. To use their own womb and surrender it to gain wealth, fame and even possessiveness is just some ways it is used negatively. But this is not new information, for there have been woman down from the ages of human history who used their womb to corrupt, but there have also been a few woman who have used their womb to create a better world or add more harmony to it before passing on. The perfect example is Queen Elizabeth herself “The virgin queen”. She was tormented and constantly lectured on how her womb should commence its existence. She persisted and did not allow anyone to decide what to do with her womb other than herself. And therefore she prevailed and led one of the most beautiful era Great Britain has ever experienced.

Tantra is amazingly misinterpreted when people think its the way to gain for enhanced sexual pleasure. Because the act of sex is only scratch of the surface of what Sexual Tantric rituals symbolizes. The study of tantra is deep, intricate and demands grandeur self devotion.

The sexual ritual / love making between a tantric dakini and a master (a man who is a master of himself) is an experience deep and filled with unconditional love. For a female to understand and experience this she must first learn to value, care and respect her womb. For a male to experience it is to respect it and learn to protect it, if not their sexual organ will only cause pain to every woman he penetrates in.

For a woman to take the chance to get to know her own womb, is a beginning of beautiful authentic female journey. Through this journey, she will learn the language her womb speaks, how its evolving and even devolving. It speaks in the language of creative intelligence and its hormones interprets the condition her own psyche is on.

Through my own internal journey in learning about my womb, I realized that it does not only bare my own imbalances, karma and mistakes. But it also bears slight residue of my own female ancestors. In our blood, our DNA we have genetic karma passed on to us by woman of the past who streamed the same blood us ours. Therefore it also carries certain trauma and karma of the past. As a dakini, my role is not to only heal my own but to make sure that the pain the wombs my ancestors suffered ends in my bloodline.

Today,  most of the stories you hear from woman who shares their personal experience with their own menstruation cycle, you will constantly hear stories of pain, agitation, emotionally destructiveness and disgust on the natural female cycle.

For a tantric dakini as I am, the time of my menstrual cycle is a special period of the month. For it is a time of renewal, reflection and even internal retribution. Because of this, meditation during menstrual cycle is profoundly beneficial for every woman, because it is the time when her own womb the part of her that can renew, heal and expel the toxins speaks connects with her profoundly. The female body under this period sends out alerts and signs to the female mind about its current condition. From dehydration, unhealthy patterns of insecurity, stiffness of character or even the anger and grudge the body heavily carries. But it also under this period, she has the power to change that and give her internal body the attention and respect it requires to flow naturally.

If a woman respects her womb and understand it’s nature, she will realize it has the power to heal her whole way of being. Though the more woman disregard its function, and dis-value her own womb, the blood within her will be scattered, stagnant and worst of all toxic. And she will pass this on with the man or every men she becomes intimate with, but that is not the worst part. The worst part is the man will physically, mentally and emotional treat her the same way. You cannot receive what you cannot give.

The natural cycle of a woman menstrual cycle should be perceived as natural as the cycles of the moon. To value the wonders of a woman womb and understand its internal and external influence, is relative in seeing the beauty the moon emits and the influence it has on earth.

This is all an opinion I have gathered from my own experience from observation and learning about my own womb. Sexual intimacy is sacred to me, but how else would I able to experience that without valuing and learning the organ within me that can facilitate that experience.






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