Questioning the Nature of Reality we live in.

One thing I am certain about, in my experience in practicing meditation is that half of what I perceive to be real cannot be seen or touched. It can only be felt or reflected on.

Many of us see meditation dull and a tantalizing process, and I cannot argue with that because I once saw it that way.

I did not attract myself to practice meditation because of it’s benefits or chances that in the practice I could achieved enlightenment. What pulled me into investing energy and time to the practice, is my curiosity towards the nature of reality. What is real and not and what am I aware of and what am I not? Another reason that pulled me to the practice is that there is a greater chance for me and everyone to die without fully knowing and experiencing ones fullest potential. Everyone is made up of mind, body and soul and I refuse to believe or function that I have no control over it. I’m not implying one can have full control of the mind, body and soul through meditation, but there must be a way to be able to experience it in its full potential and meditation can certainly be one of them.

Practicing meditation is like cultivating a new skill, you need patience, humility and trust on the process. Meditation is an act of dedication and not to some God but a simple act of dedication to oneself. A dedication that can lead someone to be self-identified. 


As a millennial information comes in all directions and the influence to demand instant result is part of the culture. With this both constantly shaping up the reality that I and all of us live in, it is not only beneficial to become a meditator but also interesting to become one in the age we live in. Meditation has shaped its way to my life and has become a necessity for me to keep up with life. I sincerely admit that, without it I wouldn’t know how to properly function or even just learn to just be. With all that is constantly going on in my life and in the world, meditation as I see it is a practice that helps make sense of reality.

Ever since we humans understood our power in the natural world and learned to create transactions within one another to accumulate material wealth, we also naturally created the phenomenal rat race in our civilized world. Though the rat race that was occurring over 50 years ago, if compared to the rat race today, its ridiculously more chaotic and hard to comprehend where is everyone going with it. It’s ridiculous because how many of those who are in the rat race know who they are, how many are just so blind and attached to the material world. To be blind of oneself to me, is the root of what keeps the immoral and greedy way of life alive. This is toxic, scattered and stagnant.  

Each millennial should be aware that they are responsible for every information they entertain and emit in today’s reality. This is what is shaping the world today and the future reality of our world. Right now, we live in a time where everyone can simply express ourselves and opinions to the public. The internet has opened a portal that allows all of us to influence each other, communicate in a larger scale and share all sorts of information. This is amazing, but how much of it is real and how much of it is negatively affecting the world. 

Our fast and instant stream of information is one of the biggest reason, why meditation is even more necessary. We cannot control these streams of information but we can control what we allow in. Our brain/mind can only handle a certain amount of information, meditation helps because it allows the mind to breath, relax, reflect and analyze. It allows it to organize, observe and ultimately even help parts of our mind that has been inactive, activated. Yes! Inactive parts of our brain/mind do exist and without activation, one can truly not experience the minds full potential and that in general is a shame. These parts could hold many beautiful ideas and even solutions. 


I share the same sentiments with many millennial who practices meditation and is forced to live in urban cities. Its more difficult in cities as there is more distractions and the environment constantly triggers anxiety and stress. Before, I resented the city kind of life as I find it toxic  and was not helping with my progress. I was wrong! To strive to be meditative in a chaotic and sleepless environment is a challenge every meditator of my generation has to undergo, because its the only way to be in harmony with the nature of reality in the age we live in. To experience progress in meditation is to learn to surrender and accept all that is, as they are. Along with the bad and good. 

The inner reality at first glance is like a void, dark and empty. But with enough practice one can experience that viewing our internal self is like watching the evolution of cinematography. The images starts of like a blurry kind, like watching a movie made over a century ago. It’s black and white, soundless, colorless and boring. That is just the beginning, with enough practice and dedication it will soon begin to evolve. The upgrades eventually and naturally begins to cease in and that is where meditation becomes more a humbling and honorable process. The more it evolves the more one finds clarity with the mind, the more one becomes humble to the way the mind works and eventually be in harmony with the mind. You begin to feel this sense of acceptance with yourself and that ultimately leads to being strong enough to accept the external reality as it is. 

As meditator is a projector that sees the inner reality and outer reality. At first when one can surrender to the beauty of the practice, they will face the uncontrollable train of thoughts of their mind and with every breath of humility, harmony begins to cease. Then the second is being respectful with the body, the instrument and vehicle that allows them to roam in both internal and external reality. When both are working in good momentum, a meditator will realize that their internal reality shapes their external reality. This is truly where the fun and growth begins and sometimes it takes years or even a decade to come to that state, though that is not the point as the journey is where the beauty lies. 

I questioned the nature of reality for years and it also took me years of meditation practice to realize that my internal reality was what was shaping my external world. When I fully realized it, that was when I learned to be more cautious about the information I allowed my mind to take in and entertain. This branched out to many parts of my life, such as learning to let go of patterns that no longer helped and especially being brave enough to walk away from people and situations that was no longer helping me. 

The more I became someone who learned and realized the power of curating my internal reality, the more I began to sharpen and polish my intuitive senses. The more it became easier for me to be content and the more content I felt the more abundant I felt. Abundance is not an accumulation that can be counted, its a kind of wealth in which, someone is completely comfortable with who they are. To be comfortable with who you are, means to not seek recognition and attention as they are simply dispensable. The more one is comfortable the more they simply focus on internal progress, awareness and maintain auspicious connection to their purpose in life.

In the end, all theories and scientific claims about meditation is useless and futile, unless its actually practiced. 

Meditation can help anyone relax and make sense of the multi-realities they are in. It is one of the key/tool that can make someone feel or be stable regardless of the instability/chaos they find themselves in. Meditation lead to self-identified kind of being and the more one knows oneself the more one can truly help shape better realities not only for themselves but for those around them. 



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