The Natural Way To Discover Your Animal Spirit

On my last published work “The Angry Beacon of Mother Nature” I have been personally approached by many people on how to find out their animal spirit. I cant be certain of anyone’s animal spirit, though I do carry this fascination in helping others find theirs. Which has inspired me to write this piece. 
The natural technique in discovering your animal spirit is a personal internal journey.  I know that because that is how I found out mine and no one else can tell me otherwise.
Though before you decide to read about the natural technique, it is crucial for you to be present about the generation you belong to. To be present in the generation you are in, is to be certain of which and what group you represent in your generation.  You either fall in the group which paves the way for the next generation to evolved in harmony, or you fall into the group which the next generation will either have to suffer from or learn from.
We create our own stories and we learn from history.
Now lets continue to the Natural way to discover your animal spirit……….
Your animal spirit is connected and interlaced with your human soul. Your animal spirit resonates with a specific animal in the animal kingdom and it can be one animal or more, it depends on the quality of your personality. Each and one of us bears a unique personality that makes up the human civilization, just like the diverse types of animals that makes up the wild.
Our animal spirit have multiple traits that resonates with our human character. Such as skills, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and in-capabilities. Animals don’t just depend on their senses to survive in the wild, but also with their unique inborn enhanced ability or abilities, for example strong sense of smell or being able to change the color of the skin. Just like animals we contribute skills to the society so we can survive and make a living. 
The only reason animals can live in harmony with the way they are, is that they already know their purpose and set of conduct in the natural world. Us human, as we evolved it becomes more and more intricate for each and one of us to find our truest purpose in life.
Animals do not suffer or are challenged to find out who they are and what is their place in the world. Animal simply and naturally be who as they are and live with it. We humans, were way more complicated. We all sometimes have the tendency to internally suffocate ourselves, in the act of searching of our identity. 
The answer of who we are, as I see it can only be found within. Though that route is less traveled as it seems like a void because it offers no certainty and solitude. That is why mostly everyone stick to the route of finding the answer externally. 
Many of us aimlessly stroll through the world and sometimes ambitiously ponder externally to find a sense of identity. This route is not wrong, its part of the process but if we only engage and connect to the world externally, we will lose touch of being able to connect with the world naturally. We lose our sense of compassion with nature and even see animals as not family, when we come to that point we will destroy nature and hurt animals without remorse.
We create monuments, fashion, events, inventions, limitation, art, stories and all that makes up this world so that we can just express a sense of identity. All that we have developed and created, regardless of whether they cause advancement or sufferings is amazing. Beautifully amazing or amazingly tragic. Our creations is what highly differs us from the animal kingdom. Though regardless of our intellect and power, there is nothing animals need to learn from us, it is us who needs to learn from there. That is why, finding our animal spirit is a beautiful thing. Its a simple creative and intuitive action to reconnect within to the natural world.
I am not superstitious, no matter how fascinated I am with the mystical. I am more of a ultra-tious person, I dont seek nor witness the supernatural with my basic senses. I strive to experience it by deepening my connection within. This is the reason I am opposed to advising anyone to find their animal spirit in some online quiz or either paid or unpaid spiritual facilitator. Though a good spiritual facilitator will help guide you into it, thats possible. 
Finding our  true natural animal spirit cannot be discovered or realized through the digital matrix, why? and why not? because you are tapping for an answer that can only found and available in the natural matrix of life. The matrix of the natural living world. The language it speaks and communicate with is within and its a wave of energy and frequencies. This language is not foreign, its the language of nature and nature surrounds us every single moment. Nature does not hide from us, it is us who choose to not see them with awareness.  Nature is the earth we live on, it is the water we drink, the fire we cook with and the very air we breathe.
The answer of which animal spirit you are lays in how willing you are to connect to the frequency of the natural world. In the act of internally searching animal spirit, is to tap into something supernatural and even more ultra because of the digital age we coexist with the natural matrix of life today. We are biologically built just like every animals that exists or have existed. Reconnecting with our animal spirit is not unnatural , its completely natural because its a technique to help us reconnect to the natural world.
Our civilized ways, regardless of how advanced it is, its somehow pointless if it distance us from the natural world and make us an alien to it. That’s the worst kind of humanity we are capable of, to be completely alien to the natural wonders of our world. Because if that cease to be, it means we have disconnected to it and when that happens s that is where we begin to destroy our world heartlessly.
Feeling the connection to the natural world is not some kind of mystical experience, its connecting to a language that is naturally embedded within. 
You are as connected to your animal spirit, just as connected is the animal kingdom is to the human civilization. This is the most vivid in your face fact, because the animal kingdom exist in the same world our kind of species exist in. We exist in the same geographical template, surrounded by the same plants, coexist in the same streams of water and under the same sky. Its so vivid because its breathing the same reality (space)  and rolling in the same circle of time.
Another factual connection we have with the animal kingdom is that we also undertook the same journey in biologically evolving in the natural world.  We are part of the same circle of life,  I am not telling you some knowledge that isn’t already exposed and available to you. I am simply reminding you to be aware of how biologically connected we humans are to the animal kingdom.
It is not wrong to deepen our way into the digital matrix we have manifested, but it is simply evil if we ignore the natural matrix that is breathing and living right next to us.
Our own animal spirit may resonate many resembling traits, but the only thing it does not have, in which our human soul has is the “Brain”. The brain (mind) the most mysterious, complex and powerful organ in the natural world. Our brain has capabilities to transform an idea into something that can affect a whole generation and change the world. It has and it will continue to do so. 
I hope this article/blog have inspired you to take some time even just a fraction of your time to ponder what your animal spirit is. Because if it did, it means I have attracted someone to reconnect to the natural world, even just a little bit. The world is evolving and in the momentum its going, we need more people who can connect to the earth naturally.
As I stated, animals have nothing to learn from us. As, it is us who needs to learn from them, the more we learn from them the higher the chance we will learn to live in harmony as they do. 


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