Before I continue to my point, I insist to inform you that if you wish to to continue reading. I suggest that you give life and awareness to your animal spirit, you’re gonna need it. Because when Mother nature is angry she is a wild fire, she will insist you to remember the animal you truly are. An animal that only lives and breathes because she has paved the way for you to do so and she can take that life and stop that breath when she chooses to. This article is dedicated to Mother Nature, it is from her our body has come from and it is back to her where our body will decay and fade into dust.
Now lets continue……..
When the silent revolution of Mother Nature begins to hum its drums, it’s a sign that the angry beacon of Mother Nature has been lit. 
When voice of the angry beacon of the divine feminine breathes its flames, it will not enter our world in an instant apocalyptic vengeful event, in which we can witness and die from balls of fire falling from the sky. We can’t get away that easy for what we have done. Though that is possible to happen, but right now in the times we live in and with the way we live, we actually have the capability to beat her to it. 
Mother Nature is divinely intelligent, her form of strategy when she decides to punish or connect with her children is beyond comprehension, because no matter what she will always be steps ahead of her own creation. But she can be heard, felt, observed and ultimately be served. 
The fire of her angry beacon does not begin its ignition externally. That is not how she works, because she will ignite it the same way she has created all her creations from within, like a form of a seed. She will light the fire internally, right in the very heartbeat of each of her children. She will breathe these flames of anger in every heart that beats. 
Even though she is angry, she is unconditionally loving and filled with grace of second chances or multiple chances. Her beacon of anger will come in a form of a calling a warning that its time to connect within. The choice is ours to answer to the symbol of her beacon. Her calling welcomes all her children, regardless of who it may be, where they may be and what kind of being they have become. As long as it is created from her womb, it posses the birthright to connect with her. 
If we don’t answer it, it isn’t her loss. She understands and has grown greatly familiar of our way in causing internal and external ways of destruction. 
If we do choose to answer the beacon, it will enter our life in countless voices of screams in state of great miserable suffering. It will whisper its pain right into our being with great terror of  shameless unfortunate truth of how we have treated her and what we have become. It will boil up our blood and the screams will be inescapable, that when an individual feels its dwell their present reality is irrelevant. The quality of pain the beacon of her anger will be experienced in the same manner by everyone who answers her call, regardless of the present reality they are situated in. May it be in a life of luxury or a miserable unsustainable environment.  Once the call has fully submerged into someone’s mind, body and soul it will end with a question “What will you do about it?” and that question is powerful enough for your ego to tell you that you are powerless. 
I told you her strategy to have her anger heard and understood is intricate, but its not impossible. It’s simply a question that presents a choice to choose which way to take. One can either choose to act to have not heard it, to be ignorant about the truth and worst of all to be stubborn towards the process to serve her. Or one can either choose to surrender to the truth, be humble to it and make progress under the capability to bear supreme humility to serve her. 
If we choose to be ignorant of it, our bodies will be block the portals that can allow her force to ignite internally. A force that heals, loves and enlightens. A force in which we all are naturally made of.  Though if we choose to not hinder away from her beacon, the silent revolution will flow within and one can truly allow that, when one has sacrificed a life of greed and ambition for the profit of power. Her divine strength will only flow within, if one can have the courage to serve her and serve her well.
Her power is a divine force, that when one humbly welcomes, one can become an instrument and weapon for her beacon that hums her silent revolution.If and when her revolution has transformed and transcended to its full potential and form, her children who have served her will sing, dance and speak of tales about a moment a revolution ended because a solution was found by those who had the will and heart to find it and act on it.  

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