As the full moonlight drives the darkness away and light up the way to your midnight muse. I pray that she or he, delights you with tales of all those lovely nights that have passed and all those that are yet to come.

When these midnight muses rise above the moonlight of a full moon, they come along sharing the lovely mist of glitter that touches every human soul.

Full moons always have this way of instantly reminding me of the totality of the universe. I feel it through the unmovable unique inspirations, that I hear in the light the moon emits. Subtle she is, cunning she must, trust she insist and beauty she will.

Like those many stars, longings for their tales to be told, the moon has a way of singing them to the heart of those whose heart are open and at ease.

Life is romantic and my acts of living it authentically, is my way of romancing it. For, loving life is the most beautiful symphony one can play. It goes deeper than eyes can chase and more genuine than all the melodies angels can sing.

When all lust cant be negotiated and no settlement can be done through desire, the world is not only yours to experience, for it’s the Universe that craves your embrace.

Everytime we present the midnight sun, with corrupted and disturbed minds we only blind ourselves from the harmony it entails. Such naive flair we torch upon her beauty, this is not a fair touch of appreciation. For the cosmos do not show beauty, to those who insist that it doesn’t exist.

Happy full moon to you dear. Stay magical by believing you have the right to be magical.






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