Life is a series of changes and in every change we undergo; we are either burdened or overwhelmed by a choice we have to make or have made. If there is one thing I learned from making choices is that if I do it without my full awareness, I face the consequences of being unhappy and horrified with the question of making that decision.

Why is awareness so important to the choices we make in life? Because everyone is doing the best they can and their best highly depends on the quality of awareness they have within. So the stronger the awareness, the better our comfort is.

My life would not be the way it is which is solemnly spiritually, financially and physically independent. Over 7 years ago I made a decision that brought me to where my life is today, I’ve curated it with my full awareness, focus and self- Investment. At that young age I fortunately understood that I am fully responsible for my life and my awareness to the world that revolves inside me and outside me which is the key ingredient in defining self responsibility. I will though admit that through those years I had my set backs. One of those set backs is when I turned away on being responsible for myself. For example, entering a relationship or employment that caged and blinded me from my self freedom. After all those set backs were lessons and battles in regaining my freedom and my independence. Today I am finally where I want to be and that is a life curated by me.

Today, I approach each day as a chance to invest and strengthen my awareness to life and that does help me face difficult choices in life. Though there are 3 main things I do when I face hard decisions or life changing choices. Those 3 factors are Silence, Isolation and Direction.

Please read the following for the elaboration of these three factors.

1.A Sense of Silence

When we face adversity or unexpected change the sound of chaos and instability plays loud in our minds. When this happens to me, I turn to Silence. I freeze myself and call upon the neutral observer within me. Oh, its difficult to turn this way when life can be so chaotic, but nothing beats practice. So that is why daily meditation is so healthy and useful because you can call upon the neutral observer within you even when life is a little bit chaotic.

2.A Sense of Isolation

After I have turned into Silence, I find a way to isolate myself from the situation. I isolate myself from people and activities (e.g internet). I isolate to give room to analyze and understand the situation I found myself in. The time and space that isolation offers, gives more room for reflection and with reflection a better attitude and understanding towards the situation. In this state of isolation, I analyze the choices I have and can make and most of the time I pray, asking for guidance and even support. I set my mind also in a state where, there could be room for another choice or solution.

3.A Sense of Direction

After isolation and self evaluation, the right direction naturally flows in. Though sometimes it may not be the best direction to choose, but once you have grounded yourself and accepted the responsibility towards the choice you make, you become more comfortable with whatever the consequences are. If it isn’t the right direction, you may at least have the right attitude and that makes a difference because the attitude towards something brings more harmony. Because if you don’t take responsibility for the choice or have the right attitude to the choice, you will be uncomfortable and being uncomfortable with how things are is worse than making peace with the situation and accepting the discomfort.

I hope that my 3 factors help you when in need and inspire you to deepen your self-awareness, because awareness is not something unimportant but rather something that brings more essence of strength into your being. The choices you make depend on the quality of your awareness.

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