It took me only about six days to finish reading this book. It has greatly influenced me and gave me a whole different perspective towards creative living.

The book landed on my lap on the right time, most of the time as I flipped through the pages it made me believe it was written for me.

The last time Elizabeth Gilbert influenced me was over Six years ago, I was 18 then and practically lost.  At that time I was still searching and waiting for an idea to pop in my head to write a novel. That year her book “Eat,Pray,Love” became a big hit. I did not read the book (which I should!) but I was captivated by the trailer starring Julia Roberts.

I remember dragging one of my close girlfriends to the Cinema, because I was hungry for some inspiration. I enjoyed the movie and was inspired, as for my girlfriend she found it boring and after hearing her opinion while we were in the taxi, I knew at that moment that I will always find inspiration in something that others won’t.

Upon my amazement, a month after watching that movie I found the idea that would change my life and enormously inspire me to be creative. That was my BIG MAGIC moment!

After reading this book Big Magic, so many times did I reminisce my past moments when I felt the BIG MAGIC moment Elizabeth Gilbert describe to be.

I am now currently in the year of completing the idea that I received almost six years ago. Crazy how it took this long! I always thought at that moment when I received the idea that I would finish it as fast as it came to me but that is not the case. Being creative and keeping up with life consist of countless uninspiring moments and doubtful whispers.

I have been prepared to give up the last few years, but the idea has always been ringing in my head and the more I travelled and the more I gained new experiences the more I was inspired to carry on. The books (trilogy) I am currently writing is not meant to be finished quickly it is meant to take time and my whole effort to have a good relationship with it.

I bought this book last Christmas and I am seriously very glad I did, it somehow gave me a boost or a small bottle of powerful creative medicine.

Three months has passed since I read the book and I can still feel the magic it had over me.

If you are a creative person on a personal mission to create something, this is the book I would totally recommend! Elizabeth explains how you can establish a healthy creative living and how to realistically approach your craft.

This book has helped me identify the flaws I have in terms of approaching my craft.

Flaw #1 – I have in many moments sat down to write with the determination to write something but internally anxious.

This was wrong! Being anxious to write or creative one must be relaxed or else it could easily drive the spirit of creativity and inspiration away.


Flaw #2 – I have been dreading myself to make income with my passion, that I hardly took my day job seriously or even be diligent about it.

This is wrong! Your creative creations should not be bombarded with push to make money. Instead be wise and realistic that your passionate works should live from you not you live from it.


It has been over three months since I read this book and I am glad that I took to heart the wisdom it consisted. I have been discipline to write and been humble to the process. I have been waking up at 3am – 4am in the morning to write. I only do because this is the time when the world around me is a sleep and I can seriously dive into my imagination without being disturbed. I have also been valuing my day job even if it isn’t my dream job, now I see it more as my armour to protect my craft and financially give it security to live, flourish and bloom.


I am totally grateful for this book because it had showed me the blocks I have which I would probably not identify unless I have read the book!


Though I have to admit that when I was reading this book it hurt my ego a few times because it was showing me my mistakes. But thank god Elizabeth has a fine sense of humour that had me swallow my pride and stubbornness. I found myself giggling a few times which was really cool!!


If I was on a vacation, I am sure I would have finished reading this book in a few days and I am only saying that because I really did enjoy it!


So Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for finishing this book! It has completely moved me, inspired me and seriously has helped me to be more realistic about my creativity.

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