This is the last book I read on the month of January 2016 and cute enough I finished reading it on the evening of the 31st. It took me about 2 weeks to finish this book, it’s not very exciting but I was quite fascinated.

The story is set around the late 1700s towards mid of 1800’s and Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the story as if it was truly written around that time. There are no traces of anything modern in the book, not even a simple expression. It’s classically smooth; it definitely feels like I live in another time as I flipped through the pages. I could also say that she did a very well research into it, from botanical details, Latin, Tahitian language, history of man, etc.


Very well detailed and the character’s emotions were clearly expressed, her description of the characters personality is well intact that it did not take me long to remember their names and know them well.

The story follows a girl from her birth towards her old age; Alma Whittaker. Born into one of the riches family of the New Age, her parents raised her with finesse manners, emotionally strong and intellectually driven. From early age her parents exposed her to mature discussions by having her join the family’s dining table that welcomes all kinds of intellectual people.

Alma is not attractive and the story is not a romantic one. Series of unfortunate events occurs which I find some readers will find boring and dreadful. As for me I was fascinated and I love how the story had its way to humble me profoundly!! Rare in my case cause I can be stubborn. Hahaha!

It’s a good novel, but it would be rare that I recommend it to most people because it’s not entertaining. I would recommend it though to those who are passionate in their studies or creative pursuits, because that is what it inspired me the most.


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